About Us

Since 1953

The year was 1953, and Richard Curtis decided enough was enough. He was tired of waiting for his military uniforms to come back from the dry cleaners. For Curtis Cleaners, a very recognizable business throughout the Grand Rapids area, you could almost say the rest is history. Richard opened a dry cleaning plant on Michigan Street, between Diamond and Fuller. In 1977, Richard’s son John Curtis and son-in-law Kevin Smith took the reins of the business. Today, a third generation of Curtis’s, Chris and Andy Curtis, run the day-to-day operations of the company.

Service and Quality

Service and quality are the key components to Curtis Cleaners’ success. “All cleaners claim to be quality, but we stand behind our work,” said Chris. “We never charge you for work that you are not happy with.” We have invested in the latest technology and processes to ensure we care for your garments in the best possible way.

Free Pickup and Delivery

What sets Curtis Cleaners apart is the convenience of our free pickup and delivery service. It is really free! Curtis Cleaners will drive by a customer’s home or office twice per week. If a bag is out for a pickup, they stop and grab it. If not, they move on to the next stop. “Don’t disqualify yourself from our service – once a week or once a month is a perfect delivery customer,” said Chris. “Let us save you some time by eliminating the hassle of making two trips to the cleaners.”

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