Our friendly drivers will stop and pick up your VIP bag and return your cleaned and pressed garments on the next scheduled delivery day. Once a week or once a month is a perfect frequency for our delivery service. Let us start making your life easier today!

top_banner_timeCurtis Cleaners Free Pick Up and Delivery service exists to save our Customers time and to eliminate the hassle of picking up and dropping off at our stores.You get the same quality cleaning you love at the store, picked up and dropped off at your home or office for free!

Here’s how our delivery service works:

VIP Bags: We will supply you with two V.I.P. bags, simply leave your dirty garments out on your front porch and your Personal Valet will pick them up.


Your personal valet will stop by your home or office twice a week.

You don’t need to have a pick up every time, once a week or once a month is a perfect delivery customer!


What sets Curtis Cleaners apart is the convenience
of their free pickup and delivery service.

It is really free!

Curtis Cleaners will drive by a customer’s home or office twice a week. If a bag is out for a pickup they stop and grab it. If not, they move on to the next stop. “Don’t disqualify yourself from our service, once a week or once a month is a perfect delivery customer,” said Chris. “Let us save you some time by eliminating the hassle of making two trips to the cleaners.”

Do you still go rent movies at the movie store?
Do you deposit checks at the bank branch?
Then why are you still taking your clothes to the cleaners?

Let our friendly driver’s pickup your cleaning from your home or office, we probably already drive by anyway. Our Delivery service is truly FREE, you pay the same price at your door as you do in our store. Call 307-0544 to get started today, or click here to get more details.