Ultimate Shirt Service

Our Ultimate Shirt Service is renowned in the greater Grand Rapids area and here is why:

Cleaner, Brighter Shirts Every Time

The real difference between Ultimate and other shirt laundry services is not what you see over time, it is what you see every time – cleaner, brighter dress shirts and brilliant whites. Quite simply, your shirts will look good longer and so will you.

The Finishing Process

Our state-of-the-art finishing equipment was designed to attend to every detail of your shirt. Collars and cuffs are precisely pressed and folded to perfection. Our experts create a professional finish that will keep you looking your best all day long.

Our Shirt Button Pledge

If you ever find a missing button on any of your laundered shirts, we will replace the button and clean the shirt for free.

When bringing in multiple shirts, the 6th shirt is FREE!

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